Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Interesting Research About Cats.

When Return of the Jedi Was Stolen at Gunpoint.

A leaked script for The Force Awakens. Well, just one page

The Simpsons Christmas Episodes Are Cost-Effective Chimneys of Horror. The family doesn’t care for the religious part of the holiday, and they can’t afford the rest.

31 Delightfully Weird Gifts For All The Medical Nerds In Your Life. Or maybe even for yourself!

10 Healthy Ways to Build Credit. Keeping your financial reputation healthy will save you money down the line.

Leonardo DiCaprio Opens Up About His Three Near-Death Experiences. That’s what happens when you skydive and swim with sharks.

How Home Alone became the most successful Christmas film of all time. It had all the elements necessary for a perfect holiday movie.

The news is depressing. Here are 20 things that will make you feel better.

9 Legendary Monsters of Christmas. Even the happiest of holidays has a dark side.

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