Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Force is Strong with This One

This little girl is too young to sit through a feature film, but she’s truly excited about The Force Awakens. She knows all the characters, even the “Aluminum Falcon,” and reacts adorably to watching one of the earlier trailers. Her father said,
The only exposure to Star Wars my daughter had prior to seeing the trailer was a Star Wars The Force Awakens sticker book. We spent a lot of time peeling off the stickers and she would say: "Who is this?" and I would tell her, and she would stick it in the book. She liked it so much when we ran out of stickers I got some more and now the book is totally coated in stickers. She just got really excited seeing those sticker characters come to life. I think she was looking around like that because she couldn't believe we weren't flipping out the same way :)
Also, she hasn't seen the film. She loves the trailers because they're short and sweet but feature length films are too long / too much dialogue to keep her attention. One day soon I hope :)

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