Monday, December 28, 2015

Jedi & Sith Lightsaber Training

Daniel Musashi (Flowarrior) and David Barron (Mr E) show us slick moves with lightsabers in the lovely setting of Vancouver’s Stanley Park. The producers at Kuma Films said,
We're huge fans of Star Wars and stoked to Star Wars The Force Awakens. We shot this over 2 days in Vancouver BC Canada in Stanley Park. We've been wanting to do this video for awhile ever since we met David Barron and saw his crazy contact sword skills and thought he looked like a Jedi using the force to move the swords around his body so we figured why not make a Star Wars themed video out of it.
Mad skills and the light that makes the weapons easy to see combine to make a thoroughly enjoyable demonstration video. (via Geeks Are Sexy

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