Thursday, September 24, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Please Please Me: the Beatles’ First Album. Eddie Deezen describes the one-day recording session.

20 Terrifying Animals That Could Have Come Straight Out of a Horror Movie. I don’t see how the Venezuelan poodle moth could be… oh dear, yes it is.

A teenage Syrian refuge refused to leave home without his puppy. Aslan Al Hakim carried little Rose more than 300 miles to safety in Greece.

How Well Do You Know Your Toes? I bet you can’t identify them all without looking.

Inside the tax havens that are helping the 1 percent steal trillions of dollars. An estimated $7.6 trillion is hidden away in nations that cater to the rich.

How & Why Do Leaves Change Color? I figured it was to make them easier to see while you rake them up, but the real answer is a bit more complicated.

The most popular type of home in every major American city, charted.

How a Concentration Camp Survivor and an American Huckster Created the
Magic Crystals of Miracle-Gro.

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