Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

Artificially Sweetened: The Story of Canned Laughter. Laugh tracks were basically the doing of just one man.

The Single Most Important Object in the Global Economy. (via Boing Boing)

Mission accomplished: The Oatmeal raises $875,000 to build a museum honoring Nikola Tesla.

The Resistance of Astronomers to New Paradigms.

Public schools are experimenting with classes segregated by sex. On the one hand, it eliminates some student stress and inhibitions. On the other hand, it seems like "separate but equal" education, which never was equal.

Imagine, just imagine, strutting around London in this, um, "hybrid" vehicle.

An adorable deer gives a ringtail lemur a bath. Either lemurs are much bigger than I thought, or that is a tiny little deer.

The Dark Knight Rises has made almost a billion dollars by now, but it has sold 10 million fewer tickets than the first Batman film in 1989. When fewer people go to the theaters, the logical thing to do is raise ticket prices, right?

8 ways dogs improve your health. Noticeably absent: they keep strangers with bad intentions away from your home.

Why Do We Yawn? Please don't answer "Because the links are boring." Just go read the science.

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