Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

Goldfinger: the Bond Movie That Was Banned in Israel.

Cats and Babies: what else do you need?

The Problem With Men Explaining Things.

25 Actors Who Were on Law & Order Before You Knew Who They Were. And it's a treat to see them in reruns and realize how long ago that was.

Is it confetti? Is it snow? No, Pixel Rain is a beautiful cloud of LEDs falling from the sky at at a Black Keyes concert.

Since NASA flight director David Oh must work on Mars time while handling the Curiosity mission, his family decided to go along with the schedule, too. Within a couple of weeks, they were eating breakfast at 3PM.

Financial scams and schemes don't have to be complicated to take people in. All they have to do is appeal to the target's inner greed and willingness to bend a few rules.

10 Fantastic Comedies Based on True Stories. Because while truth is stranger than fiction, it can also be ridiculous.

A house cat sings the theme to the TV show Game of Thrones. No need to applaud; he owes it all to his hardworking editor.

10 Bizarre Athlete Superstitions. When you get the idea that it worked once, you're afraid not to try it again.

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