Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Information Links

Nine Restaurants Sent Back From the Future to Destroy Us (With Good Eats). Cooking, ordering, and delivery all go hi-tech at an eatery near you. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

A series at Slate magazine explores whether a man and a woman can really ever be “just friends”. Part two explores platonic relationships in the movies; more posts will up the rest of the week.

Top 10 Craziest Ironic Deaths of All Time. A wise man once said we all carry the seed of our own destruction; some people wore theirs on their sleeve.

If Iron Man were real -wait, he is! Watch Raytheon’s new military exoskeleton at work.

7 Wizards… or are they all the same guy? Literature and movies make them so much alike so we will recognize them without thinking too much.

The rich get richer, as the rest of us drown in the tub. The gap between rich and poor is growing wider and wider.

A Third of ‘Extinct’ Mammals May Still Be Alive. After all, their ability to hide from predators is what enabled them to outlive the dinosaurs.

Meet the Micronium, the world’s smallest musical instrument. You know its tiny when the musician has to wear a clean suit and play through a microscope!

Inside ThinkGeek, Where Mythical Meat Can Make Millions. The secret is to know your customers -and give them caffeine.

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