Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Informative Links

OK, who really invented baseball?

6 Labyrinths To Get Lost In (not counting the David Bowie movie). Don't forget your lunch and your cell phone!

Top Secret America. Homeland security, counterterrorism, and spying have grown so much in the past nine years that the result "amounts to an alternative geography of the United States". (via Metafilter)

A Tale of Two Cockies is a love story about cockatoos. If you've never seen a baby cockatoo, be warned that its not pretty, but you'll enjoy this pictoral about a disabled mama and a devoted daddy.

Numbers Stations: Mystery Over The Airwaves.

The Top Ten Militant Animals. They're not necessarily violent, but these species have been trained to fight our wars for us. (via Boing Boing)

Confessions of former debt collectors. Making other people miserable for a living can take a lot out of you. (via J-Walk Blog)

What do you call more than one octopus? Uh, I don't have a great punch line for that one yet, because it's a serious question.

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