Monday, July 05, 2010

Fun and Funny Links

Toronto's Eaton Center Mall closed due to the G20 protest. This caused a real problem for a guy who really, really wanted to go shopping. NSFW language.

In honor of Larry King's retirement, here are The 10 Funniest Moments In Larry King Live History. See, you cold skip 25 years of watching and catch the best parts on the internet!

15 Grave Coincidences. Snapping pictures of gravestones at "a certain angle" could become a new hobby. Here's one more.

Cats play soccer! That goalie is definitely World Cup material.

Isaiah Mustafa explains how they did the latest Old Spice ad in one continuous shot. Knowing the secrets behind the sequence only makes it more impressive.

Chivalry rears its head during a recent flood in St. Petersburg, Russia. Watch for a surprise bonus to pass by as well.

Imagine you are a performer, and the composer of the song you're singing drops by, and even joins in! Could you keep your composure as well as this choir did?

Ninja cat strikes fast; leaves no trace. Oh, except for the video evidence, which we can slow down if need be.

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