Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fun Links

Brother Bill designed an animated Christmas greeting for his company that turns out a little different from what you'd expect. Check it out here!

An adorable puppy tries to whistle. He may not be exactly whistling, but his skills at imitation are excellent!

The Christmas version of Civiballs ate up my evening last night. My understanding of physics is OK, but my hand-eye coordination and memory are handicaps.

Product, a Jon Phillips production. Click this to full size and read the whole thing, as harrowing as it is. You'll be glad you stuck with it.

The End of the World. College Humor takes the R.E.M. song and makes the song relate to the world as we really know it.

The Morgan Freeman Chain of Command. Even at the bottom of the pecking order, he commands our attention.

6 Terrible Names People Are Trying to Give This Decade. Funny how we've had ten years to think about this and didn't.

The 27 Craziest Menorahs. I wonder how many of these are actually used to celebrate Hanukkah.

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