Saturday, February 03, 2007

Recommended Links 2/3

Size Matters. This is how a woman would answer the question if she could keep your attention long enough and not bruise your ego. Leave a comment!

I really like the blog Death by Children. I bestowed my Perfect Post Award for January to the story Blinded by Boobs, about a father confronting the fact that his daughter is turning into a woman.

Windows upgrade decision flowchart. You’ll have to download it to really read it. Take my word for it, its funny!

WNBC invited a bunch of bloggers in New York to a party. They didn’t really know why until they got there, but they found out.

Jon Swift’s modest proposal for Lowering the Minimum Wage.

John from Romantic Ramblings is writing a novel! The first chapter is up at First Chapters. Go read and give it a good rating, so he can make it to the next round of this competition and we’ll get to find out what happens next! You’ll have to register, but it doesn’t take long.

At Miss Cellania, you might enjoy posts on Dangerous Old Folks or Groundhogs and Other Critters.

Prayer Requests
Vickie is beginning chemotherapy.
Raven is starting radiation treatments.
ER’s mama is still in the hospital battling complications.
Figlet is going through nicotine withdrawal.
Musikdude is undergoing a painful recovery from surgery.
You can leave prayer requests in the comments if you wish.

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