Saturday, February 10, 2007

Recommended Links 2/10

You may think I’m just plain nuts, but I’ve added another site to the Miss Cellania family. I am now a part-time contributor at Mental Floss! Check out my latest post, Destination Cemeteries.

If you ask a woman why she takes belly dancing classes, she will tell you either 1. for the exercise and fitness, or 2. to please her husband. She may SAY those things, but the real reason women want to belly dance is because it makes them feel beautiful and sexy. What do you think?

First, take a look at the first prize winner in the World Press photo contest, singles division. Then read the story behind the portrait. More photos here.

On May 4th, 1988 a fire at the Pacific Engineering Production Company in Nevada ignited tons of the chemical ammonium perchlorate, a rocket-fuel booster. The resulting explosion was said to be roughly equivalent to a kiloton of TNT.

Dave at Pointless Waste of Time wrote 7 Reasons the 21st Century is Making Us Miserable. He’s got some interesting points! A lot of it boils down to “we have it too easy now.” Which is true.

An Iraqi Interrogator’s Nightmare.

Barack Obama has officially announced he is running for president. That’s no surprise. But have you seen his website? We have a Web 2.0 candidate! Under MyBarackObama, you can register, edit your profile, network with friends, and even keep a blog. My Obama... that really needs to be set to the tune of My Sharona, doesn’t it?

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