Monday, February 19, 2007

Recommended 2/19

You should remember theHuman Skateboard video that PES did last year. At Human Skateboarding, find instructions for creating your own stop-motion video, then upload your videos (or still photos) to share and show off. Or just see what other people have produced.

How to open a beer ... with a helicopter.

At Miss Cellania, enjoy posts about Snowmen and New York.

High-speed photography of a cannon shooting high-speed objects at other objects. You have to see it to believe how great that is.

Look at me! I made this with the Portrait Illustration Maker. My hair is a bit longer and curlier, but this is as close as I could get. Go try it yourself!

What a fun game this is! You don’t know Jack. (via YesButNoButYes)

The website is Kiss My Ass, George. Upload your ass and add a message. Browse other’s contributions and see what message they have for George. NSFW.

There will be no smoking in this theater.

What its like to be on welfare.

how to blog. Hint: Don’t capitalize anything. (via Abandoned Stuff)

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