Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Recommendations 2/7

Ten good reasons to hate Valentines Day, each with a link to make you feel better about it.

How to decorate a cake for a man: make it look like his favorite gadget.

Coleen is very proud of her grandson Chris’s first music video on YouTube. The production values are awful, but the shining talent in the group is Chris, who does a spot-on Hendrix, plus a solo after the song.

Aquaman had an awful time with a slew of overcharges from Sprint. First, he tried calling customer service. Then, he wrote a letter to the CEO. The CEO wrote back! And here’s how the story ended.

Don’t miss this absolutely fabulous article at Mental Floss about the imaginative ways people have jazzed up the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has published The A to Z Guide to Political Interference in Science. You can view the list alphabetcally, by issue area, by timeline, or by agency. You can also locate each listed issue by finding it on their interactive periodic table. Although there’s a lot of material, the issues only go back as far as 2002.

Plaster Casts, Adult Toys, and Celebrity Johnsons.

Remember Fafblog? I miss those guys, but the site is still up so you can read old posts. When I Miss Fafblog, Spot came about, I thought it was just a tribute site. But there is new content there just about every day! Go check it out.

At Miss Cellania, find complete coverage of farts, Aliens from Outer Space, and eyes.

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