Saturday, February 24, 2007

Best Links 2/24

Watch this guy solve a Rubik’s Cube with his nose!

The reason why Americans are fat and in debt.

Don’t Treat Your Employers Better Than They Treat You.

Stick Game. How many sticks can you remove before the star falls below the line? I did better than average. (via b3ta)

My social life is still pretty much non-existent, but I got to go on a date in a work of fiction at Freedom’s Place! (Thanks, Whitesnake!)

Charlie the Unicorn. This is weird. (via b3ta)

Every 30 seconds, someone is hit by a drunk driver. Here's that guy.

Cross The Pirates of Penzance with Sir Mix-A-Lot and what do you get? Baby Got Back, Gilbert and Sullivan style.

Mark your calendars: Lunar eclipse March 3rd.

This dog will fetch, despite having only two legs. On one side.

Willard Wigan: Incredible microart that can fit on the head of a pin. (via Dump Trumpet)

How to stop 90% of your junk mail.

More links today at Miss Cellania!


pissed off patricia said...

I am truly amazed at the number of links you provide each day. How in the world do you find them all?

Miss Cellania said...

Its what I do. Some people have jobs, some have spouses. This is all I have.