Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Recommended links 1/31

The finalists have been announced for The 2007 Weblog Awards. Two of my recommendations made the cut!
Best Australian or New Zealand Blog: Holtie’s House!
Best New Webbog: Say No To Crack!
So now you can go vote for them.

This video of a cat in a pet washing machine made me laugh until my stomach hurt. Is it cruel? I wouldn’t do it to MY cats!

Carl makes a case against both right-wing Christians AND atheists in this post at Lydia Cornell’s blog.

On Miss Cellania, you might be interested in posts on Spelling and Punctuation, Scientific Experiments, and Alien Abduction.

Mortimer’s Mom, proprietor of Mortimer Snodgrass, has great gift idea in this television appearance, including baby gift ideas.

Humvee driving in Baghdad. On the one hand, the copy with this video says that American soldiers have to drive like this to limit the risk of attack. Some in the comments say its arrogant, and it’s no wonder Iraqis hate Americans. Others says if the driver slows down, gunfire would start, and thats not safe for anyone. What do you think?

Scaramouch edited a video to a great mashup tune you need to hear, called No One Takes Your Freedom. Other favorite mashups I recommend are Behind These Immigrant Eyes and Crazy Logic.

The first YesButNoButYes podcast is up! Yes, I know my sound was too low, but I didn’t know that til after the recording session. NSFW.


Anonymous said...

No FLIPPIN WAY! Do I really have the honor of being the first to comment on your new blog that is really your old blog?

OR - do you have comments moderated?


Keep the good stuff coming.


Miss Cellania said...

Haha! The first on this post, anyway.