Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The 2019 MarbleLympics Qualifying Round

Jelle Bakker is back with his MarbleLympics, an elimination tournament featuring teams of marbles! The marvelously intricate marble runs constructed for the various events are extremely impressive -there's even an underwater course! However, over time, you'll find yourself strangely invested in the fortunes of little lumps of glass with team names like Crazy Cat's Eyes, Balls of Chaos, the Raspberry Racers, Team Momo, the Chocolatiers, and the Green Ducks. Don't miss the fight in the stands! You can follow further rounds of the MarbleLympics at Bakker's YouTube channel, starting in April. (via Digg)

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Bruce M said...

What a way to kill 16:48 of my time. lol. Don't forget to link to the finals in April.