Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Donald Trump Will Be Surrounded by Women During His State of the Union Address & They’re Making the Most of It.

When the U.S. Interned Italians in Montana, They Rioted Over Olive Oil. But they were treated better than the Japanese who were interned later.

Guillotine Earrings. They were all the rage in 1790s France. (via Nag on the Lake)

Trump’s End Run Around Senate Cabinet Confirmation.

You have this many minutes to consume McDonald's French fries before they're inedible.

Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

Monstera Deliciosa, the Risky But Delicious Fruit. It is heavenly when fully ripe, but dangerous when it's not.

Stunt Pilot Pours A Glass Of Red Bull By Barrel Rolling. Two videos, two different tricks, both impressive.

19 Good Intentions With Unintentionally Terrible Results.

Which Condiments Need to be Refrigerated? 

A blast from the past (2013): 10 Modern Variations on Macaroni and Cheese.


Bicycle Bill said...

Fettucine Alfredo is just mac-and-cheese for grown-ups.

Mikey said...

Millennials are a lot of spoiled little snowflakes.
Working for a living is supposed to hard, that's why they pay you for it.
I work in a Metal shop cutting, bending, welding, and other tasks that while not pleasant, can bring satisfaction at a job well done. Tangible results.
All of my co-workers, and workers from other shops we deal with are a hard working lot.The snowflake think they should make the big bucks talking about markets and trends and drinking coffee.