Monday, June 04, 2018

Provide Your Own Caption


gwdMaine said...

Looks like the Johnni-bolts failed at the Service Entrance,
blowing out the Cleanout Plug and causing the Backflow
Preventer to discharge into the Self-Rimming Sink. The
Ball Check Valve then failed causing Back Siphonage
resulting in the Nipples on the Malleable Fittings to
Thermocouple via a Direct Tap into the Blowbag. It was
all downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

looks like a big asshole to me

Canonicus Veneficus said...

“Outhouse for politicians”

Unknown said...

THE Bad Burrito of all times

Miss Cellania said...

Great ones! I just found out that Blogger hasn't mailed me any comments in a week. I thought I just didn't have any. Excuse me for not responding.