Saturday, April 01, 2017

Florida Atlantic University to Become Pet-Friendly

Florida Atlantic University will allow students to bring pets to school next fall. They even offer a meal plan for pets, 15 campus cat trees, and a video explaining the program. The scheme is only revealed when you register your pet- April Fool! Many of the corporate April Fool pranks this year involve ridiculous products you can buy for your pets. 

Liberty Games has an arcade game for cats, and another for dogs.

Petco offered a poop-scooping drone.

Trulia has doghouses for rent.

Analog Watch Co. will make a watch band for you out of your pet's discarded fur.

The candy store Sugarfina unveiled its first boutique candy for dogs, Beef Broth gummy bears.
Puzzlenation launched a line of puzzles for pets.

But the pranks from retail companies don't all involve pets. See a running list of corporate April Fool jokes at Time.

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