Thursday, August 18, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Why Are They Called “Trailers" If They're Shown Before the Film? It’s all about how they developed over the history of movies.

The 31 Best Animal Photobombs Of All Time. Are they incorrigible attention-grabbers, or just curious?

Charlie the chicken looks better in pants than most humans do. Those stunning blue trousers are something even Foghorn Leghorn didn’t have.

5 Ancient Athletes Who Dominated the Olympics Thousands of Years Ago. It’s true that sports achievements go down in history.

The Sissies, Hustlers, and Hair Fairies Whose Defiant Lives Paved the Way For Stonewall.

My friend is a male model, I'm a dork in Brooklyn. Both are hot, if you ask me. (via reddit)

Everything What’s Wrong Of Possums: It’s All Of Them.

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