Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Smelliness, Anxiety, and Dominance. Research on the odor of emotion and personality.

You don’t have to be guilty of anything for your life to be screwed by the justice system. (via reddit)

Sports History Forgot About Tidye Pickett and Louise Stokes, Two Black Olympians Who Never Got Their Shot.

The 7 Types of Pets You'll Have In Your Lifetime.

How Zzyzx Road Got Its Name. It's the story of Curtis Howe Springer, "King of the Quacks.” (via Boing Boing)

Was This Ancient Egyptian Prince the World's First Archaeologist? Prince Khaemwaset studied even more ancient Egyptians.

Why David Cronenberg's The Fly Still Has Us Buzzing. It was believable enough to be truly terrifying.

The Notorious, Disastrous, Fascinating Island of Dr. Moreau. How did Marlon Brando starring in an H.G. Wells story turn out so badly?

This Runner Stopped In Her Olympics Final To Help Her Injured Competitor Finish. Nikki Hamblin has more than just the Olympic spirit going for her.

This Dear Abby advice is insanely sexist. Mid-century marital disasters were always the woman’s fault.

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