Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Animal Ambassadors. They made us care for their species.

The podcast Stuff You Missed in History Class gets complaints that the subject matter is “too many women.” So they crunched the numbers. (via Boing Boing)

All the Reasons Why People Did Not Reply To Your Party Invitation.

15 Chest-Bursting Facts About Alien.

How to Look Like a Badass at Your Next Tech Conference. 

Your tattoo could help police put you in prison and violate your privacy. Here’s how.

How Prisoner of Azkaban Changed the Harry Potter Franchise & Young Adult Cinema Forever.

The True Story Of The Fake Zombies.The Texas version of the Zombies was made up of musicians Mark Ramsey, Seab Meador, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard.

10 Terrible Cases of Mistaken Identity. Innocent people have been accused of drug abuse, theft, and even murder.

The ugly secret of working moms. Trying to do both, they feel confident about neither.

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