Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Life and Times of Oney Judge. George Washington’s slave decided to take her freedom into her own hands.

Bar Rescue: Cheers. The reality show gives the once-over to the place “where everyone knows your name.”

The Science Behind North Korean Defectors. Most North Korean defectors in the South are woman, because who pays attention to lowly housewives?

Why Presidential Candidates Get Top Secret Intelligence Briefings. It’s mainly to let them know what they may be getting themselves into.

Don’t fall for Japan’s urban legends. They’re scary enough if you just read them as fiction.

How a Century-Old Territorial Agreement Still Haunts The Middle East. The Sykes-Picot accord carved up the Ottoman Empire.

Can the Christian Left Be a Real Political Force? I hope so.

The Glasgow Ice Cream Truck Wars.

The Zippo at the Bottom of the World. Maciej Cegłowski gives us an unvarnished, darkly funny account of what a port of call is like at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. (via Metafilter)

The Merci Train: 49 Boxcars Filled With Gratitude. (via the Presurfer)


Barbwire said...

I was blown away by the story of Oney Judge. Sure makes the Father of our Country look like he'd be voting for Trump these days. I knew he kept slaves, but this is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

religious nutters