Friday, May 24, 2024

The Universe in 4 Minutes

The explanation of the universe starts with the very basics and grows from there. You probably won’t understand any more about the universe once it’s done, but you will enjoy a few laughs. Well, an explanation of the universe is quite complicated, so exurb1a must jump from one type of explanation to another, which is only more opportunities for puns. Who says physics can’t be funny? Or astronomy, biology, geology, etc. (via reddit


Anonymous said...

Go to youtube and play at half speed to keep from saying "what?" every 15 seconds.

WilliamRocket said...

Ha (above) bread in Britain is ... no, no, bred in Britain means one grows up sort of accustomed to faster speech than is performed on the bulk of TV shows.
I missed nothing from the above video, although I did pause the video when the long version of DNA came up, as i wanted to look away an spell the full word out without seeing it written.
Did I get it right ?
Was MY DNA formed by intelligent enough donators ?
You don't need to know and it is not a race (I won)

Maybe zozozobruce needsahearingcheck ?

Note to xoxoxoBruce -
Forgive me if your non de plume is prefixed by kiss, hug, kiss, hug, kiss, hug and NOT by just the letters xoxoxo, as, on the few occasions I have mentioned you, I have been writing it phonetically, i.e, as zozozo or sososo.
I base the sounding on the President of China's name pronunciation, you xi.