Sunday, May 26, 2024

Trapped in a Bathroom Stall

She went into the ladies’ room and used the handicap accessible stall, which has a door that opens out. While she was in there, someone used the diaper-changing table on the wall and didn’t fold it back up. The table prevented the stall door from opening wide enough for her to exit. A comedy of errors.

This is not so much a tragedy but an illustration of poor design. Poor design, in this case, resulting from retrofitting a small bathroom with 1. a handicap an accessible stall, and 2. a diaper changing table in the same space. She wasn’t all that worried about getting out. It wasn’t too long before someone else came in, and even if it were, she had a phone. (via Digg)


Krusty Walk said...

I know it's still common in the states but the use of the word handicapped is now really discouraged in the UK, and is sort of jarring to see it (and a lot of americans apparaently also dont like it)

WilliamRocket said...

Hi, Suzie speaking.

Hi Suzie, it's Janice, hey, I'm stuck in the loo at the airport

You're what ?

Yeah, funny story, baby changing table stops the handicapped toilet door opening

Why are you in the handicapped toilet, you're not handicapped.

Um ...... the point is I'm stuck in here

But the airport is a 55 minute drive from here

I'll wait

I have to pick the kids up in half an hour


Couldn't you phone your husband, where is he ?

Funny story, but he's in the mens toilet, in the handicapped cubicle, seems they have baby changing tables in there too ... for the modern man dads.

..... (Suzie drops the phone due to laughing so much)

xoxoxoBruce said...

Handicapped is written in the laws controlling toilets, access ramps, parking, etc, so the signs reflect that language.

Anonymous said...

People need to stop being so offended by descriptive words. "Special needs" doesn't tell me whether you need a wheelchair ramp, seeing eye dog, ASL interpreter, or the crust cut off your bread.