Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Pet Fish Cause Chaos When Video Game Crashes

Turn the closed captions on to get an English narration for the video. Japanese gamer and live streamer Mutekimaru has a popular series in which his pet fish play Pokémon. He installed a motion-tracking circuit board on the wall of his aquarium, divided into sections corresponding with computer buttons. When a fish swims across a sensor, it trips a command of some sort. By activating random commands, the fish slowly play the game. Cool, huh? But there's danger is automating a live stream, no matter how cool it is, and you should never trust a fish.

Sunday, the fish were playing Pokémon Violet and live streaming when the game crashed. They kept swimming, got into the eshop, went into the wallet and exposed his credit card information! The fish bought some items, sent Mutekimaru an email, logged back in and selected a different game, joined a chat group, and generally caused chaos along the lines of a five-year-old on his dad's computer. You have to wonder how long all this took before Mutekimaru caught on to what had happened, but it is hilarious. (via Metafilter)

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