Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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The Holiday That Welcomes Back the Sun With Pancakes and Coffee

On a personal note: I've been using the same coffee filter for about ten years. Don't laugh, it's one of those silk and plastic reusable filters. A couple of months ago, I noticed the silk has started to separate a little at the top, and I bought a new one. It didn't look the same. It was used less than ten times before it started falling apart. I tossed it and lamented about how they don't make things they way they used to. I went back to using the ten-year-old filter.

Fast forward to last week, I was inspired by the post about the cabinet above the refrigerator. I finally got up there and took everything out yesterday. Way in the back was a box. I pulled out, and there was an unopened coffee filter that looks at least ten years old! So I eventually got what I wanted. Being a pack rat can pay off sometimes, but only if you keep up with what you've got.  


Anonymous said...

Good coffee filter story. I love it when stuff like that actually goes right for a change!

WilliamRocket said...

Lol, pack rat ? I think that is spelt hoarder where I live.

Last time i moved house I had to sort through 20 years of plumbing bits, stored 'in case I need them one day'.
A bit embarrassing because if I needed a certain bit I sure couldn't find it so had just gone and bought a new one.

And then, 3 years later I remembered about my 3 train sets I had had since I was a teenager, good quality British and German makes, that I had stored in the small attic and totally forgot to empty out when I moved.

Nice present for the new owner I guess.

Miss Cellania said...

Where I live, there is a difference between a pack rat and a hoarder. American English is a complex and nuanced language.

xoxoxoBruce said...

It always seemed when something needed fixing or I needed one more piece to finish a project it was always after midnight. When you have some skills and a few basic machines that seemingly useless bit could be raw material to make what you need. Bless those bits and pieces saved that saved the day... uh, night.
Those tentacle earbuds in Japan selling in vending machines for $3 are amazing. I guess that's for one and the battery probably is neither replaceable nor rechargeable but still. Disposable tentacles can be gather for building monsters.
The coffee filter story reminds me of an article about replacing appliances and saving on your electric bill. No mention of new ones can cost a thousand or more, repairs are outrageously expensive, and they are crap you're lucky to get 5 years out of.