Friday, January 27, 2023

Confused Collie

A Norwegian Border Collie name Fant got to visit a bowling alley. This bowling lane is equipped with a sensor that buzzes when a bowler steps over the line. Fant is fascinated by the buzzer, but goes bonkers when it activates. Franzied Fant is funny! (via Viral Viral Videos)


xoxoxoBruce said...

What is the dog reacting to, sounds like some kind of machinery?

Jeff Diver said...

It's the warning that the bowler has crossed the line with one of their feet. You'll see the little red warning light come on. Could be there's sound as well. I have my volume turned down & can't tell.

Andy said...

So lovely! It's the fact that there's a delay before it arms again that is confusing Fant so much. He can never quite work out when it's going to go off and when it's not.