Monday, January 16, 2023

Neglected Sheep Gets a New Life

Ellie Mae was a lonely, neglected sheep who carried the weight of the world around. Or, more precisely, carried the weight of six years of wool growth, because she had never been sheared. She couldn't even see because of the hair in her face! But then she was taken in by Harmony Hill Farm Sanctuary. She got a name, a haircut, and sheep to hang around with, and that's when her life really started. A six-year-old sheep is no spring chicken, but the rest of her life will be a bed of roses. See more of Ellie Mae, her friend Bella, and all the animals at Instagram.


Anonymous said...

An FFA (Future Farmers of America? person failed this lamb? Some farmer they would be.

Anonymous said...

Also, the narrator should not have been surprised nor upset a farm animal did not have a name.

Farm animals are raised to be food, not pets.

When I raised lambs for 4-H, I named the first pair I had, then used the ear tag numbers to ID all the others through the years.