Thursday, October 14, 2021

Miss Cellania's Links

11 Monster Myths Invented By Hollywood.

This cute cat's toothy smile makes him look like a vampire bat. Or at least the Hollywood version of a vampire bat.

In The Last Duel, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Want You to Know They Know Men Are Bad. An analysis of both the movie and the people behind it.

Pre-human Footprints Dated to 6 Million Years Ago. Our primate ancestors may have been walking upright much earlier than we thought.

84 Percent of Trump Voters Are Worried About White Discrimination, Poll Finds. They assume everyone is as bigoted as they are.

Debunking Victorian ‘Postmortem’ Photographs.

Pop Culture’s Least Scary Vampires.

How to Photograph a Black Cat or Dog. (via Mental Floss)

CIA unveils Cold War spy-pigeon missions. Bicycle Bill's response to the 'birds aren't real' van.

A blast from the past (2018): 10 famous musicians who had very different second careers.


Anonymous said...

Count Chocula?

Bicycle Bill said...

Let me just make it clear that I am do not believe in the 'Birds aren't real' nonsense, not even for a nanosecond.  I just remember reading about some of the far-fetched, real-life things that HAD been tried — like strapping cameras onto pigeons or training dolphins to be torpedoes — and thought that something like this had been the impetus for the whacko with the van.

And if you think these are far-fetched, just Google "CIA + Castro's beard". Swear to God, you can't make up stuff this good.