Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tweet of the Day

(via Bored Panda)


Anonymous said...

I guess there was no NYC back in the day.

DWVR said...

Yep, the geezers can't connect the dots, you got that right. If the kids live in the suburbs they can only play in the boring little toxic lawn around their own houses... all the other houses are private property. And most of tthe streets don't even have sidewalks. So they have to bug the parents to drive them to the park or the playground, where their every move is supervised closely and they can't roam. A kid lucky enough to live in an urban center has more options because there is a lot more public space, and you don't need an adult with a car to get around. But the adults constantly broadcast fear which is amplified by the TV, which restricts the outdoor movements of the urban kids. So if I was a kid, especially if I was stuck in the suburbs, I'd say to hell with it and stay indoors playing video games. Maybe the clueless geezers want the kids to rebel against society and set up their own rules, that's the only thing I can figure.