Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Aura Update

Remember last spring, when I posted so much about the TinyKittens webcam? Then you'll recall the kitten Aura, who was born with a severe cleft palate and had to be tube-fed until she learned to eat solid dry food. Aura and all the other kittens have been adopted into permanent homes, and Aura was taken by Shelly Roche, the kittens main caretaker. Aura had her cleft palate repair surgery on October 17. Shelly calls it "surprise surgery," because she took Aura in for her first consultation at  West Coast Veterinary Dental Services Ltd. and they said, "Do you want us to do the surgery today?" Surprise! See pictures of the surgery here. She was the recipient of a donated piece of bone from a dog.

The stitches held for the required ten days, and Aura can now eat canned cat food -and she's eating up a storm. You can follow her progress at her Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

I love happy endings.

Unknown said...

Love you Auracuda.....Tiny Kittens