Friday, October 27, 2017

Simon's Cat Logic Celebrates National Black Cat Day

In the US, we celebrate August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day. In the UK, October 27 is National Black Cat Day, so Simon Tofield and veterinarian Nicky Treverrow of Cat's Protection made a video about black cats. In Britain, black cats are not considered particularly unlucky -or else the populace is not particularly superstitious. However, black cats in shelters still get the short end of the adoption stick. Why don't people select black cats for adoption? Because it's hard to see their facial expressions compared to brightly colored cats. A cat's personality come out in body language anyway, so don't write off the possibility of a wonderful pet when you see a black cat. Tofield lets us in on a secret: both the cat and the kitten in his cartoons are based on real black cats. As usual, this Simon's Cat Logic video is followed by a classic Simon' Cat cartoon.

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Barbwire said...

We had two black cats--Orpheus and Terpsichore. He was one of the smartest cats I've ever know, and would even send me messages through the books he pulled from the shelves. He followed me like a dog, and would come when I whistled. Terpsi, on the other hand, was very sweet, but really dumb.