Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Are Scientists Who Study Insects Afraid of Spiders? Research by scientists about scientists

Dracula 1979: Celebrating Frank Langella's Rock Star Count. The overlooked Dracula is still the sexiest.

Slashdot Tech Headlines Written by a Neural Network. Some are hilarious; others are evidence of the robot uprising. (via Metafilter

The American Reporter Who Rode With Pancho Villa. Jack Reed took great risks to get the story and to live the adventure.

Japan's Infamous Halloween Trains. In the 1990s, the subway became a place for Halloween partying, much to the annoyance of officials and regular commuters.

This Three-Story Tiny House Fits In the Footprint Of A Parking Space. Behold a house called Tikki that needs only a little more than 8' x 16'.

Grace Spelman moved to a new apartment with her cat Pierogi. Pierogi has found plenty of wonderful new places to hide while Grace gets things organized. (via Metafilter)

The IQ Test has a Dark History. It has been used to sort the worthy from the unworthy in many different ways.

How A Two-Person Montana Company Ended Up With The Biggest Energy Contract In Puerto Rico. It helps when you know the Secretary of the Interior. 


Anonymous said...

I will be s-o-o happy when the so-called "Holiday" season is over. First we have to contend with zombies and ghost, buy candy, costumes and answer the door. Then we have to listen to xmas music for the next two months. If I never near Jingle bells again it's too soon.

Unknown said...

Cronyism? On Trumps watch? No way! On the other hand I have a very nice bridge for sale.

Unknown said...

Tell me again about that swamp Trump was going to drain....

Anonymous said...

Yea ask Vince Foster how cronyism works with Hillary