Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Here’s how Maz Kanata and other digital effects came to life in The Force Awakens. In five-minute and a 48-minute versions.

How to Win at Monopoly and Lose All Your Friends. A ruthless strategy that resembles real life.

Ignored by the wedding industry, plus-size brides inspire each other online. A Scottish blogger bride is bringing their stories together in one place.

Marilyn Monroe and Her Pets. Eddie Deezen gives us the rundown.

The world’s richest people are moving their cash to the U.S. because it’s now a tax haven. America truly supports the .01%.

Venus flytraps count to avoid being tricked. There’s no use in snapping up and digesting a raindrop.

The Teen Who Trekked 1,800 Miles Through Canadian Wilderness Disguised as a Man. Because no matter how hard life was for a man, it was worse for a woman.

A penthouse in Chicago was built in 1972. The original owners lovingly decorated it in the style of the time, and never used it. What is left is a time capsule of the hippest 1972 decor. (via Metafilter)

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