Friday, January 22, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

“Love Me Do”: The Beatles First Record. Eddie Deezen tells the story.

We Ate KFC’s ‘Nashville Hot Chicken’ And We’ve Never Felt More Betrayed.

18 Rock and Rolling Facts About Led Zeppelin.

Why We Picture Bombs As Round Black Balls with a Burning Wick. You learned it from Looney Tunes, but the idea goes back much further.

2015 Was By Far The Hottest Year In Recorded History. The previous record holder was 2014.

Black Sails is a TV series that mixes fictional pirates with real historical figures. So let’s take A Look at Fictional and Historical Pirates.

10 Misconceptions About U.S. Immigration. Earlier immigrants tend to distrust those who come after.

10 Sundance 2016 Movies We Can’t Wait to See. The Sundance Film festival runs through the end of the month.

This is how the suburbs die. People decided they liked living in big cities, after all.

Our Adorable Relatives: 9 Tiny Primates. No, you can’t have one for a pet.

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