Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Irish People Taste Test American Beers

American beer has a reputation in other countries as being subpar compared to the “home team,” so to speak. In America, the Irish have a reputation as serious beer-drinkers, second only to Germany. So what do Irish people think when they try different American beers for the first time?  

Okay, everyone has their favorites, and there well may be plenty of brands that are better than what these guys were offered. But they went with the most well-known, or at least the most advertised, beer brands: Budweiser, Miller, Brooklyn, Coors Light, and Samuel Adams. Your mileage may vary. (via Tastefully Offensive)


Doc Rock said...

Point of order, Madam Chair Person, Budweiser [Anheuser-Busch] is part of a Belgian-Brazilian mega-corporation. Moreover, Miller Brewing is owned by SAB, a South African company. Moreover, Coors is owned by Molson which is a Canadian Brewer! Samuel Adams, now that's American!

Doc Rock said...

BTW, technically Guinness is no longer an Irish beer, but is part of Diageo headquartered in [shudder] London!

Miss Cellania said...

They were born and are brewed in the US, and still have reputations as American beers. But even if they weren't, what's more American than outsourcing?