Friday, August 28, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

“Pop Goes the Weasel”: What Does It Really Mean? Eddie Deezen gives us the breakdown.

A Guide to Eating at Disney World. It’s massive, so start here. (via Digg

12 Back-to-School Facts About Welcome Back, Kotter.

Datenomics: What two religions tell us about the modern dating crisis. (via Metafilter

11 Rare But Rising Dog Breeds. (via the Presurfer)

Beatles vs. Stones and Two Unmade Stanley Kubrick Movies. Even if they had turned out horrible, I'd have loved to see them.

The 10 Most Deceptive PR Campaigns in History. Not necessarily in order of damage done.

When Disaster Strikes, Museums Call In The A-Team. These experts go the extra mile to rescue and preserve your priceless collection.

Female Spies and Gender-Bending Soldiers Who Changed the Course of the Civil War. The risks were high, but the reward was that we’re still reading about them.

A day at the DMZ: The political theater at the heart of the Korean conflict. The 250-kilometer line has separated sparring siblings for over 60 years.

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