Friday, May 30, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Harpo Marx Naked. Not a picture, but plenty of stories.

The Real Origins of the Religious Right.

Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Escape From New York.

Trying to Censor the Biggest Story in the World -Germany’s Surrender in 1945. (via Daily of the Day)

Hay, Man: The Curious Life and Times of Scarecrows.

News Corp, which owns Fox News, bought Harlequin publishing. Bill Maher imagines what the new and improved romance novels will be like. (via Metafilter)

8 Legendary Deleted Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen. For most of them, there’s a very good reason you haven’t.

21 Things You Never Knew About AC/DC. And they’re still rocking after 37 years.

The Wonder Years cast reunited to record some DVD extras. The photos show that they are all looking pretty good 21 years after the show went off the air.

Abandon Hope All Ye Tried in Japan. The nation’s courts have a 99% conviction rate.

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