Friday, May 23, 2014

Miss Cellania's Links

Why Did Women Start Wearing Makeup?

The Case for Reparations. An involved and thoughtful look at how ingrained racism is in America.

Could the Clothes on Your Back Halt Global Warming?

Metal in the Microwave Explodes—Or Does It?

Members of Congress With Daughters Vote Better on Women's Issues. More here.

10 Real-Life Locations of Fictional Television Hangouts

The latest research shows that heart disease is not as closely related to a fatty diet as we once thought. So why does the American Heart Association keep pushing a low-fat diet as the only healthy choice?

Everybody deserves a second chance. In a series of gifs, watch a sick homeless dog transform into a beautiful healthy animal.

Have you ever wondered what Morgan Freeman would sound like on helium? Here you go, but you may get the feeling he’s about to pass out.

Here’s The Formula For Every Group Of Characters In Pop Culture. Once you know it, you’ll see it everywhere.

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