Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss Cellania's Links

Understanding Existentialism in Four Easy Steps.

How Star Wars Killed Smart Sci-Fi Cinema. No longer is the audience assumed to be smart enough to figure it out on their own.

He bought a used book on Amazon for $3.50, and found the author's autograph inside. The inscription by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. may be worth $2,500.

Will Ferrell & Jack Black are making a movie about grown men who play tag. And it's based on a true story.

10 smart reads on the Boston Marathon bombing. Different perspectives that dig into more than just facts help us place the events into a bigger picture.

The Lost Boys Give Back. After fleeing Sudan for American and other countries, many refugees are helping their homeland to recover from decades of war and poverty.

What is "American Flavor?"

How Rabies Spawned Vampires and Zombies

38 Baby Shower Cakes Made Of Nightmares. Consider the full list NSFW. 

Boston native Hilary Sargent, also known as Chartgirl, made a chart about the various media and news outlets and how well they covered the Boston marathon bombing story.  (via Boing Boing)

For his son's 11th birthday, redditor crujones43 set up a treasure hunt. The boy had to collect clues at various locations, read maps, use a compass, figure out puzzles, and hike through the woods to find a box containing real money.

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