Friday, November 30, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

8 Famous Mascots Whose Names You Didn't Know.

Do Orchestras Really Need Conductors? (via the Presurfer)

Cartoon Logic. Or lack of it.

The Oppressed Christian.

The geekiest political postmortem ever: Could Better Fonts Have Helped Save the Romney Campaign?

A blog friend of mine rescued an abandoned kitten and needs help. Maybe you can give the kitten a home, or help out with the vet bills.

The Most Amazing Bars in the World. Architecturally and aesthetically speaking, that is.

If there is any doubt about how nuts New Zealand has gone over the film The Hobbit, check out this elf doing a TV weather forecast. You won't understand him, he's speaking Sindarin, one of the Elvish languages of Middle Earth.

Before steroid use became common, body-building buffs were attractive real-world hunks. Sean Connery put his body up against the best of them in the Mr. Universe competition of 1953.

How to eat like an Oscar winner. Changing your body and image for a film is not easy, but the reward can look good on the mantle.

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