Monday, July 30, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The story of How Chuck Yeager Reached Supersonic Speed.

Why is reddit so anti-women?

Game of American Thrones.

A Woman's Life, As Told Through Scientific Studies. Strange how research that should make us feel better about ourselves tends to just make us feel weird.

You might be surprised at how many public shootings happen in the U.S. Here's an interactive map which you can use to find out about the violence near you.

How do you get horses for the Olympic equestrian events to London? Believe it or not, you ship them by Fed Ex.

The Queen of Versailles follows a newly-rich couple with a tacky 90,000 square-foot home in Orlando. You'd expect this to be the latest train wreck reality TV series, but this is a feature-length documentary. And a comedy.

How did a blind archer set a world record at the Olympics? South Korea's Im Dong Hyun doesn't even want to think of himself as blind, just very nearsighted.

Joe Peacock believes that pretty girls can't be credible geeks. John Scalzi replies with Who Gets To Be a Geek? Anyone Who Wants to Be.

6 Founding Members of the Internet Zoo. It's good to get in on the ground floor, because the internet is full of critters!

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Old Geezer said...

Looking at that interactive map, all I see is a catalog of NRA Shining Moments.