Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The 12 Most Unique Playgrounds in the World.

Why Lois Lane is so much more than most comic book mortals.

The Stupidest Injuries In Sports History.

The 25 Top Summer Olympics Countries. Calculated by medal count divided by the nation's population plus points for overcoming difficulties and other factors.

Hugo Medley was born Tuesday at the same Colorado hospital where his father is in a coma after a gunshot wound incurred at the movies. The family, like many of the injured in Aurora, has no health insurance.

How this year's drought could affect your wallet next year. Fruits and vegetables will come out okay, but the price of corn affects everything else.

The movie trope of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl has been around for 75 years, although we've only named it recently. In this supercut, you'll see how ubiquitous she is in Hollywood.

With the help of 7,000 post-it notes, Super Mario and other game characters come to life. Then the boss find out what you've been doing with the office supplies.

The National Zoo introduced their twin cheetah cubs to the public with plenty of pictures taken. They still don't have names, but will take their from Olympic sprinters.

7 female pioneers in male-dominated fields: A visual history. And because of women like these, the fields are not quite so male-dominated today.

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