Friday, July 20, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The Legend and Legacy of "American Pie."

If you ever get a chance to compete in the Olympics, you wouldn't let a little thing like being eight months pregnant stop you, would you?

The surprises and snubs in the 2012 Emmy nominations. We'll never gear the end of complaints about Community being passed over.

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became internet famous overnight for a big smile and a wiggly dance before winning a race. And all she lacked was a soundtrack.

How Much Would It Cost to Become Batman? Surprisingly, it's less than you might think.

27 Things You Didn't Know About The Dark Knight. Better read up to get ready for The Dark Knight Rises this weekend!

Rare Photographs of 12 Extinct Birds. They make you think about how extinction goes on today right under our noses.

The V Motion Project makes music and a light show with your body via Kinect. All it needs is some big mouse ears on the avatar.

When you start to feel like you hate your job, stop and remember how glad you are that you're not a tosher.

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