Monday, December 06, 2010

Links for Fun

Take part in a poll at Ironic Sans -it will make you seriously consider what you are all about.

Everett Hiller and his wife throw a holiday party ever year. Then they sent out photographs featuring celebrities who weren’t there, but should have been. (via Metafilter)

A camouflaged cat fools a compatriot that should have known better. Pay close attention to the first ten seconds of this video -then you can laugh.

Wiley vs. Rhodes is a live action film that you soon realize is a fan film based on the Roadrunner cartoons. There's no mistaking the plot, sound effects, and mayhem.

Penn State sends their students a birthday card when they turn 21. Touching or terrifying? (via reddit)

Things Not to Name Your Pet. Get your weirdest pet names ever right here, and in the comments.

Ducks in the Wind. A mother gets her ducklings in a row despite the interference of nature, with and without music.

The United States of Autocomplete. This map was made with the help of Google’s autocomplete suggestions for each state. (via The Daily What)

The Utah Baby Namer. Be sure to click on "The Cream of the Crop".

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