Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun and Funny Links

Walks of Life is a Cyriak animation made for Showtime. Once you get past the creepiness of finger-figures, notice it tells the tale of evolution.

Double Dreamhands! Part of me wants to try this; another part of me is laughing to hard to stand up straight. (via Breakfast Links)

London’s parkour stuntmen show off their stuff -and how! The action starts about 2.5 minutes in.

Everything I Know About Love I Learned From… The Coen Brothers. These valuable life lessons come wrapped up in total weirdness, so you have to really pay attention to see them.

How to Write an Interdisciplinary Research Paper: Planning for Retirement by Solving Time Travel Paradoxes Using Open Book Management in Nearby Disk Galaxies.

Speaking of near-humans, just for laughs, check out the hairy chin monkey. He’s ready for a kiss!

We know that the webcomic xkcd is influential. Yesterday, Black Hat guy entered an imaginative coupon code while ordering online. Think Geek is accepting the code. (via The Daily What)

The Best Viral Videos of 2010: A Retrospective. Even if you aren’t familiar with all of them, Videogum has composed a pleasing mashup that stands up on its own.

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