Monday, May 04, 2009

Good Reads for a Monday

Scaramouch from YesButNoButYes attended his first Kentucky Derby. Read the entire series for a great story.

Why you should buy your mom a Kindle for Mothers Day.

The Biology of B Movie Monsters explains why giant monsters can't exist.

Ten Tips to Prepare You for Final Exams. I would add: clear your calendar of everything not exam-related. (via Interesting Pile)

Dracula Feed is blogging Jonathan Harker’s journal (as it appears in the novel Dracula) in "real time", publishing each journal entry the day it would have happened. You might want to follow along.

8 awesome things you can implant into your body. With the right technology, even you can be a super hero!

There are many things a baby's brain cannot do, but it does one thing extremely well -it learns. Scientists are only recently exploring how baby's brains are different from adult's brains.

This is a really cold way to lay people off.

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