Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Informative Links

10 Geeky Tricks for Getting Out of Bed in the Morning. Now I'm looking forward to tips on getting out of bed in the afternoon. (via the Presurfer)

Can you hear the "mosquito frequency" in the Teenager Audio Test? Be warned that it gives some people headaches, but I can't hear it at all.

A school teacher went for a jog and the next thing she knows, she's been rescued from New York Harbor -three weeks later. She was spotted several times in between, so what happened?

Spit Reveals A Lot About What Lives In Your Mouth. Everyone has a different oral "microbiome", or menagerie of microscopic critters.

Ugly Bat Boy, the strange-looking cat who is the darling of Exeter, New Hampshire. Everyone I've shown this to thinks he's the cat's pajamas!

5 Ways Your Brain Is Messing With Your Head. Just when you think you're in control, human nature slaps you in the face.

Ron and Sally Russell built their home with a sliding cover. With a touch of a button, it becomes a glass home to let sunlight in. More here. (via Metafilter)

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kaybar007 said...

What a great post, I've visited every one of these links today, thank you!